Central Vacuum Systems

Have you dreamed of a vacuum that is light and easy to get around? For a quiet but powerful way to leave your home fresh and free of dust? Sounds to us like you need a Central Vacuum System in your life.

At Vacuum Works Plus we carry top of the line central vacuums systems and accessories. We are authorized dealers of Nilfisk, CycloVac, ReadyVac, Central Vacuum Direct and Cana-Vac central vacuum systems.

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Why purchase a Central Vacuum System from Vacuum Works Plus

1. Ease of Use

Say goodbye to hauling portable vacuums all around the house and to moving furniture to reach those hard to reach places. Our selection of name brand Central Vacuum systems come with an assortment of easy to switch accessories for sucking that dirt up off the furniture, ceiling, blinds and pretty much anyplace dust likes to live!

2. They are Quite

All you will hear is the swoosh of air going up the hose or the head itself. No more scaring the pets! Because the canister is away from the living space the sound of the motor is confined to the garage or laundry room.

3. Cleaner, Healthier Home.

It is a proven fact that a central vacuum system reduces particulates in the air, removes pet dander and leaves you with a fresh clean home. Unlike a portable vacuum where the exhaust follows you around and escapes back into the air, the central vacuum draws the dirt out of your living space into the canister. If you are an allergy sufferer you will find a noticeable decline with your allergies.

4. Powerful

Central Vacuum Systems are much more cooling and maintain consistent strong suction power known to be three times stronger than a portable vacuum. This means it removes the particles and dirt that age a carpet giving it a deep clean with every use. The motor stays cooler which makes the system last longer than a portable vacuum.